Lean Roundup #158 – July, 2022

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of July 2022.  […]

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of July

2022.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here. 

2 Year Anniversary of “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn” – Katie Anderson
reflects on the 5 year journey leading up to her book’s publication and what
she’s learned on it’s 2 year anniversary.

The Four Types of Measures and Why Each is Important – John Knotts discusses 4
types of measures to consider in a continuous improvement culture.

Why is Lean So Hard? – Organizational Elements – Pascal Dennis focuses on the
personal qualities that makes Lean so hard to sustain.

The 6R Goals of Lean Manufacturing – Christopher Roser looks at the 6R (right
product, right place, right time, in the right quantity and quality, and at the
right cost) goals of Lean Manufacturing.

Understanding the Many Facets of ‘the A3’ – Patricia Panchak shares guide describing the
multiple contexts in which A3 is used.

How to Start the A3 Problem-Solving Process – David Verble tells us how to get
started solving problems with A3 problem-solving process.

10 lean leadership lessons from our authors – Roberto Priolo shares the best nuggets of wisdom
from authors of Planet Lean.

What is the lean in lean? – Michael Balle and Daniel Jones discuss lesson of thinking which drives
behavior and that the behavior of those at the top models the rest of the

When Companies Don’t Learn From “The Beer Game,” Inventory Stock-Outs Turn to
– Mark Graban shares supply chain management lessons from MIT’s “
Beer Game” simulator and relation to current events.

Lean Transformation Steps for Operational Excellence – Morgan Wright describes
the five critical steps for a successful Lean transformation.

Lean Manufacturing Principles and Foundational Concepts – Jeff Roussel describes
the five central lean manufacturing principles for all to understand.

The Most Significant Benefits of Lean Manufacturing – Elise Miller shares 8
compelling benefits to embracing Lean manufacturing your organization should


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