Migrating almost entire MSP management Stack

Hi All, we inadvertently became an almost 100% Kaseya shop. We started out with Autotask […]

Hi All, we inadvertently became an almost 100% Kaseya shop. We started out with Autotask and Autotask endpoint manager back in the day. We were also using Datto BCDR, and eventually Gluh. between the Datto acquisition and then Kaseya almost our entire platform has become Kaseya based. Thus far, other than the billing fiascos, we have not really been affected. Even then it was mostly just that we couldn’t find what we’re being billed for compared to the datto bills. this has mostly been resolved now. We were overcharged once but they reversed it quickly. Our AM had not changed, our support has been good. We were having some hiccups with Autotask to QB desktop but managed to get a hold of a support guy who was good and resolved that for us.

Today we got a message from our AM that he is transitioning to a leadership role, and we are getting a new AM. As a follower of this thread, I am concerned about the security of the platforms, billing and longevity. We have sunk 8 years into these platforms refining our processes and setting up automation. We are not a large shop 1000 endpoints in rmm and 100ish recurring contracts in Autotask. Our contract is up for renewal in the next 6 months so if we are going to demo new products I want to start now to get some traction. What I am trying to weigh up is how difficult of a process this is going to be and impact to our business. All for the possibility that the ship might be sinking?? I don’t want to wait for something to blow up but also am trying to weigh up all the pros and cons of switching. It’s the old age “devil you know vs devil you don’t?” I know we could switch and whoever we land up going with could be breached too.

Has anyone else made this kind of jump at roughly our size? Any warning for us? pain points? wins?

Right now, we are thinking Halo PSA, NinjaRMM, ITQuoter and Cove for backup. We have not started evaluating any of these yet, but it is my understanding to some degree these are some of the best alternatives in the industry right now.


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